Near to the Wild Heart
Short film

Our relationship to the natural world at three different stages of life.

Falling Piece
Performance, 3-channel installation

An experimental performance film about  how we experience the past while still moving forward in life. A woman walks on the beach alone with a memory in mind to forget.

2023 (forthcoming)
Feature film

Dir. Connor Sen Warnick

Lead Actor
New York City, 1971 -
As the Asian American Movement intensifies in its battle for equality, collective paranoia rises as those within its orbit begin to vanish without explanation.

Missing Shoes
Short film, 11:00

Director, Writer, Editor
A young woman wants to go out to a party where a love interest is, but cannot find a pair of shoes she had in mind to wear. In the losing of it she carries on her continuously unexpected evening.


Short text on John Cage’s 1959 Water Walk performance piece and its connection to silent cinema